Don’t Just Get Mad – Get Even

Anti-choice extremists and the GOP Congress are working every angle to block Obamacare at the 11th hour. On Friday, the House passed a spending bill that will force senators to choose between defunding Obamacare and shutting down the government.

If that wasn’t bad enough, the Koch brother extremists reached a new low: suggesting that the health-care law is like getting sexually assaulted. Watch it for yourself.

It’s absolutely disturbing. But we can’t just get mad – we have to get even by making sure Obamacare works.

Sign our pledge to help get five people enrolled in Obamacare – including you if you don’t have health insurance! Once you take the pledge, we’ll send you a reminder when enrollment opens on October 1 along with a sample email to forward to friends and family.

Republicans are trying to stop Obamacare by suggesting that the health-care law is like getting sexually assaulted. Don't just get mad -- get even. Help people you care about finally get health insurance they deserve. Pledge to tell five friends about Obamacare.

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