Tell the Romney-Ryan Ticket What You Think

We’ve known for months who we’ll be supporting in November: President Obama.

But this week has shown us exactly what we’re up against: anti-choice extremists who think that “legitimate” rape can’t cause pregnancy; a party that pretended to be horrified by such statements, then turned right around and proposed a platform that denies a woman her right to choice, privacy, and freedom; a presidential ticket that has supported “personhood” measures that would ban abortion in almost all cases.

Tell Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan: That’s not my platform. That’s not what I believe in. A platform based on disrespecting women has no place in our society.

Tell the Romney-Ryan ticket to take the War on Women out of the GOP platform.

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Dear Gov. Romney and Rep. Ryan,

You've rebuked Rep. Todd Akin's comments, but you haven't rebuked his beliefs. Your party's platform seeks to outlaw abortion in almost all cases, with no exception for rape or incest. You want to put a "human right to life" amendment in our Constitution. Mr. Ryan you've cosponsored "personhood" measure so extreme that a similar one failed on the ballot even in Mississippi.

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