In 2010, the Austin City Council unanimously passed an ordinance to require CPCs to post signs disclosing the limited nature of their services. This was a great victory for women's access to information regarding their reproduction health services. 

However, anti-choice groups have revealed the true intentions behind "crisis pregnancy centers" - to withhold women from their full range of medical options, and recently filed suit against this ordinance. To learn more on this, click here.

This Thursday, January 26, the council will vote on an anti-choice proposal to repeal this important ordinance completely. Let your council member know that the should support the revised CPC ordinance require CPCs to use truth in advertising.

Dear Austin City Council Member,

We had a great victory for Austin women when the Austin City Council unanimously passed an ordinance to require CPCs to use truth in advertising.

Thank you for supporting the original Austin Crisis Pregnancy Center Ordinance.

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