I Support Access to Reproductive Health Care

On December 6, Dr. Carhart began providing much needed abortion services here in Maryland. He immediately encountered hundred of protesters outside the clinic.

We believe access to comprehensive reproductive health care services, including abortion care, is essential for Maryland women. Dr. Carhart’s work makes it possible for women in heartbreaking and sometimes life-threatening situations make the personal decision to access safe, legal abortion care with dignity.

Even in a pro-choice state like Maryland, abortion providers and the women for whom they care are faced with harassment and intimidation. We must trust women and stand in support with our providers to let anti-choice extremists know that harassment of women and clinic staff is unacceptable.

Please send your own personal message to women and abortion providers, especially Dr. Carhart, in Maryland. If you can’t find the right words, use our suggested language below. We strongly encourage you to write your own message, as we know it will mean a lot to our allies.


I Support Access to Reproductive Health Care

Dear NARAL Pro-Choice Maryland,

I trust women to make decisions about their own lives. I stand in support with Maryland women, abortion providers, and clinic staff. Thank you for all that you do for the women of Maryland.

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