In June, John Boehner told the National Right to Life Committee that he wants to repeal the
health-care reform law and pass the “Stupak on Steroids” bill.

Watch the 90-second video, and then send the email below to Boehner.

Tell Boehner: We're Watching You

Anti-choice John Boehner, who is going to be the next speaker of the House, has his anti-choice agenda prepared, and he is ready. But so are we.

Here’s what Boehner and his anti-choice followers want to do:

  • Push the new “Stupak on Steroids” bill. This bill is even worse than the original Stupak ban in health reform.
  • Repeal the health-reform law. It’s outrageous, but our opponents have threatened to overturn the health-care law.

Join me in sending a message to John Boehner that we are not going to stand by while they attack our right to choose.

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To John Boehner,

I am writing to call on you, the expected House speaker, to pursue commonsense, common-ground solutions to our nation's problems that will improve our lives -- not an ideologically extreme agenda.

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