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Tell and Stop Deceptive Anti-Choice Ads

Anti-choice crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs) will do whatever it takes to stop women from accessing abortion. Many CPCs harass, humiliate, and scare women.

Now, CPCs are using popular online search directories to mislead women about their services.

We need to stop CPCs from using popular sites like and to advertise abortion services that they clearly don’t provide.

Join us, and help protect women from accidentally going to a CPC staffed by anti-choice volunteers. Add your name to our letter below.

Never heard of a CPC? Many CPCs look like a woman’s health-care clinic. But most are unlicensed and unregulated organizations staffed by anti-choice volunteers. Their number-one goal is to make women feel too guilty or scared to choose abortion by providing information that is medically inaccurate and manipulative. Let’s be clear: CPCs do not provide abortion care.

It’s fine for groups that oppose abortion to advertise. But they shouldn’t be allowed to advertise under “abortion services” or “abortion clinics.” It’s just cruel to lie to women facing an unintended pregnancy. 

Sign onto our letter to and Tell these companies that CPCs are using their resources to trick women, and that the fraud against women must stop. Add your name by June 30 so you can be part of our delivery! 

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Remove Deceptive Crisis Pregnancy Center Ads

To and

NARAL Pro-Choice America and more than one million of its members and activists across the country call on and to remove deceptive anti-choice ads that violate your terms-of-use policy.

We understand that you are probably unaware that the advertisers post misleading listings.

To date, we have identified approximately 112 anti-choice organizations advertising under "Abortion Services" on and, even though the directories have a category called "Abortion Alternatives." We have verified that none of the 112 anti-choice organizations provides or refers for abortion services.

We are confident that you will agree that ads posted by anti-choice organizations under the category of "abortion services" violate your terms-of-use policy. These listings are clearly "purposefully deceptive," "false, misleading," and "fraudulent."

We ask that you remove the material immediately, and protect the millions of people who rely on and every month to provide accurate information.

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